Being a self explanatory interactive and comprehensive website, there will be hardly any room left for doubts!!!

But in any case, if there arises a doubt regarding the services provided or for any other reason, we are always eager to help you out with 24/7 services provided. Listed below are the frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us, if you do not find suitable question and answer below.

  • Q.1: Where would I find information regarding your firm?
  • Q.2: Where would I find all the information related to the culture, facilities provided, transport modes etc. about a country?
  • Q.3: Where will I find complete information of all the entrance examinations like CAT/XAT/GRE/GMAT etc.?
  • Q.4: How do I directly connect to you or have a personal chat regarding the services provided or any other queries?
  • Q.5: What if I want to compare various universities along with the details of living cost for students, local language, start of the semester, the admission criteria etc.?
  • Q.6: How can I stay updated on the latest events?
  • Q.7: How to register myself as a partner or as an affiliate of the company? What about career options in EduHunters?
  • Q.8: What should I do to report an issue in using your services?
  • Q.9: Where and how can a user lodge a complaint (if any) pertaining to the services provided to him/her?
  • Q.10: What are the rules and regulations pertaining to the payment terms?
  • Q.11: What if I am facing problem in logging into my account?
  • Q.12: How do I contact you?
  • Q.13: How would I translate the page into some other language?
  • Q.14: How can I avail all the services of EduHunters?
  • Q.15: Where will I find webinar services?

All the information about us-‘EduHunters’ is given under the title ‘About Us’ which is listed at the bottom of the page under ‘Quick links’

All the necessary information is given in a systematic manner under the title ‘Countries’ on the home page. Just click on the tab-‘Countries’ and enter the name of the country you wish to know about into the select box given. All relevant information including the capital, local language, cost of living for students, location, transport modes, culture, geography, accommodation facilities, telephone code etc. are systematically arranged. The information provided is regularly updated.

On the home page, there will be an option named as “entrance examinations”. Click on it and there will be a list of entrance examinations listed categorically according to the fields. The user can select and click on the required entrance examination to get all the necessary details including the competitive scores, format, prerequisite criteria for the examinations, cost of the examinations, test centres etc. The information provided is regularly updated.

You can have a live chat with our representatives by just clicking on the small blue bar-‘Live Chat’ towards the rightmost bottom corner of the page. You have to fill in the necessary information and connect to our representatives who are active 24/7 for your service.

An amazing provision has been provided for the students to compare between various universities and also between countries giving them systematic information. Just click on any one of the two adjacent bars named-‘compare universities’ and ‘compare countries’ on the home page.

Just click on the subscribe button on the section named as-‘Stay updated’ and get all the latest news and updates in your inbox.

One can register himself to be a partner or an affiliate with EduHunters by clicking on the tab named ‘Join Us’ on the right most corner of the home page just above the main banner. There is also an option named as ‘Career’ where in the user can fill in his details and explore opportunities to become a part of our family.

One can always bring an issue to our notice by clicking on ‘Report a Problem’ which is listed at the bottom of the page under the topic-‘Important links’

The user is free to complaint about any incompetence on our side. The user just have to click on the title ‘Complaints’ listed at the bottom of the page under the topic-‘Quick links’

The user should abide by all the rules and regulations in the ‘user agreement’ and the ‘Terms of Services’ which is given under the terms –‘user agreement ’; ‘payment terms’; ‘privacy policy and disclaimer’ that are listed at the bottom of the page.

The user is always given a privilege of logging into ‘Live chat’. One has to just click on the small bar at the right most corner at bottom of the page to get tech support. Alternatively, user can click on forgot password button below the sign in option to reset the password

For any problem or query, one can contact our representatives directly by just clicking on ‘Contact Us’ under the topic-‘Quick links’ given at the bottom of the page.

There is a select language box at the top most right side of the page adjacent to the clock with a long list of different languages, from which you can select your preferred language.

To enjoy all the services of EduHunters, the user just have to click on the ‘sign in’ option at the right hand side top most corner of the home page which is given just below the select list for languages. You will be then redirected to a form to fill information either to create a new account or log in to an existing account.

Users are provided with an amazing feature of Webinar services through which they can interact with people for an on-going live session around the globe. User has to click on ‘Live streaming’ tab and then there will be an option for live webinar.

eduhunters overseas studies

We EduHunters are proud to present ourselves as the world’ s most unique platform for the students who aspire to study abroad. Overseas education, being our foremost priority, we have included amazing features on our website for comprehensive and collective understanding of all the formalities and procedures to study in abroad.
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