User Agreement

The person(s) benefiting or using the services of EduHunters will be referred to as “the user” and EduHunters will be referred to as “service provider”. The user and EduHunters will be referred to as 'party' respectively and collectively as 'parties'. The following conditions govern all the access and use of services provided by “EduHunters” and its associate companies (if any), which the user has to expressly accept without any limitation or alteration to benefit from all the services that can be provided to the user.

This "user agreement" incorporates the terms and conditions of “EduHunters” to provide services to the user intending to employ or enquire for any product(s) and/ or service(s) of EduHunters by using EduHunter’s websites or by using any other customer interface channels of Eduhunters which includes its sales persons, offices, call-centres, advertisements, information campaigns etc.

In addition to the user agreement there are certain rules and regulations named as terms of service (TOS), specifically pertaining to the services provided to the user. The rules of TOS will be deemed to be a part of the user agreement and shall be provided and updated by EduHunters as required. In the event of a conflict between the terms of service and the rules in the user agreement, the user agreement shall prevail and remain overt and concluding. In addition to the terms and conditions, the service provider is empowered to incorporate and update certain rules, that seems fitting and the user has to abide by these terms and conditions and ensure compliance with the service provider to avail the services provided to them.

As there should be no room for ambiguity the user must accept all the above conditions of TOS and the user agreement and in failure to do so shall not avail the services provided by the service provider.

By using the registration or the account access facility of the service provider’s website, the user empowers EduHunters and its agents to access the third party sites including the banks and other payment gateways designated by them or on their behalf to procure the required information or legal formalities. For registration the user will have to choose a password and is responsible for the confidentiality of the password and the account.

The user will be accountable for any activity that takes place through his account. The user must bring it into the notice of the service provider in writing if any breach in security has occurred without his knowledge. In the event of any loss incurred by the user with or without his knowledge, EduHunters will not be responsible for the loss. The user must not use any other person’s password at any time.

EduHunters holds the rights to change or update the service fees or any transactions fees. The service provider can change any or all the service charges as required by the service provider.

Any increase in the rate charged by the company on account of the increase in the rate of taxes or inclusion of new taxes by the government will have to be borne by the customer.

In the event of registration failure with any university on account of improper documents or any other formalities, the service provider is not liable for the loss and there won’t be any refund.

The user will be responsible for all the charges, taxes, duties, fees that may arise out of the use of the entitled services or/and the scope of the user agreement.

100% legitimate services providered to the user.

  • Confidentiality and trustful relationship with the service provider
  • Communication by any means with the service provider
  • Onus of the user
  • Advertisements and promotions
  • Insurance
  • Extreme circumstances
  • Data download
  • Information
  • Right to refuse

Any details or information which is specifically mentioned as confidential by the service provider has to be kept confidential under all circumstances unless it is required by the law or to serve the purpose of the user agreement and the obligations of both the parties involved.

The service provider shall contact the user via e-mail, telephonic call, video call or text messages for details or information pertaining the transactions or services expressly given by the user. The user hence, unconditionally consents that such messages via e-mail, video call, text messages or telephonic calls is upon the request and authorisation of the user and not an unwanted or unsolicited commercial communication as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI).

The service provider is not responsible for any transactions that are not done through or between EduHunters and the user.

The user warrants that they will abide by all such additional procedures, rules and regulations, as modified from time to time by the service provider, pertaining to the use of the services. The User further ensures that they expressly comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the use of the services with respect to the authority concerned for each transaction.

The user confirms that the User is of legal age providing legitimate information to enter into a binding contract and is not a person excluded from availing the services under the laws of India or other applicable law in India and abroad.

The service provider is not responsible for any error, omissions and/or representations of any content uploaded on its pages by the users, or on any links or on any linked website pages. The user is responsible to recheck the originality and accuracy of those advertisements or promotions or any pages that appear on the website. The linked sites are not under the control of EduHunters hence the service provider is not responsible for any linked site or any link content on the linked site. Eduhunters is providing this option only as a provision of convenience for the user and is not responsible for any illegitimate contents.

It is obligatory/optional for the user to procure enough insurance as the service provider will not entertain or accept any claims that arise out of such event, unless it is specifically given to the user by the service provider.

The user agrees that in the event of not able to honour the confirmed transactions or any business that has been finalised due to various reasons like climatic conditions, labour unrest, business exigency, insolvency, government decisions and/or amendments, operational and/or technical issues, route and flight cancellations etc. The service provider cannot be held responsible. In case of an inaccuracy or fault on the side of the service provider, efforts will the taken in the best possible way to provide an alternative solution in a lawful way.

The service provider shall not be liable for delays faults or inabilities in performance or non-performance in whole or in part of its obligations and the rules set in the agreement due to any causes that are not due to its actions or omissions and are beyond its reasonable or exercisable control, such as acts of God, strikes, fire, acts of government, acts of terrorism, embargo or other similar causes on the transport end. In the occurrence of such events, the user affected will be intimated or promptly given notice as the situation permits.

The user is responsible for any data loss or omission that may occur during the download of information and/ or data from the website due to any reason.

The service provider will provide information of various institutions and services and will update the same from time to time. The user consents to recheck and confirm the accuracy of the information from the website before going further with the transactions or procuring the services.

The user is forbidden from uploading, reproducing or distributing contents through the services, that are protected by copyright, proprietor right or any obligatory binding set by a third party without obtaining a written permission from the owner of such rights. If the user fails to abide by these rules, they will be liable for the legal ramifications and criminal prosecution.

The service provider is entitled to provide services to the user only after receiving full payment for the required services from the user acceptable by the service provider.

If the service provider discovers or believes during or after a request for services that the information or data provided by the user is incorrect, unauthorised or misrepresented by the user, EduHunters in its sole discretion holds the unrestricted right to take any step against the user.

The user indemnifies the service provider of any claim, liability arising from such situations resulting in the damage or loss on the user’s side due to the measure taken by the service provider to safeguard its interest and that of its genuine customers or institutions. This includes cancellation of any/ all procedures on account of suspected fraud or criminal activities/transactions.

The user consents to provide legitimate data and information throughout the procedure and in failure of which, will not hold the service provider responsible or ask for any refund.

The headings of these contents are just for understanding purpose and does not interpret, define or limit the scope of the rules and regulations in the user agreement and other terms and conditions in any way.

EduHunters is empowered to review, change or update the rules and regulations of the agreement plus the terms of services when the need arises. Hence the user is responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions from time to time.

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